Emerge with Resiliency 2020, An IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Community Event, 2020-11-18, 10am-2pm ET

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Emerge with Resiliency 2020, An IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Community Event, 2020-11-18, 10am-2pm ET

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Emerge with Resiliency 2020
An IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Community Event
November 18, 2020 | 10am-2pm ET

Emerge with Resiliency 2020 is a virtual event presented by the IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Communities.
Join this one-day virtual event to learn how AI-infused planning and analytics solutions can help enhance business continuity, reduce risk from emerging threats, and help you prepare for and manage disruption.


Keynote Speakers

David Marmer
Vice President, Offering Management, IBM Planning Analytics, Cognos and Regtech, IBM

How to emerge from crisis with resilience: smarter analytics for smarter business
Emerge resilient in uncertain times with fast, flexible and scalable planning and analytics solutions. These solutions support individuals and workgroups to develop plans and scenario models for how to emerge post-pandemic, stronger and with more confidence. In addition, a key driver for emerging successfully is accelerated, coordinated decision making using consistent and reliable data. Attend this session to learn how IBM analytics solutions can help you to enhance IT business continuity and resilience to navigate volatile business environments, improve security against emerging threats and plan for business disruption
11/18/20, 16:00 CET

Expert Talks

Brad D. Molzen
Data and AI Technical Consultant, IBM

Better together: Managing change with IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos
Are you prepared to pivot and focus on new priorities in the coming year? Change may come in the form of transforming supply chains, accelerating digitalization or re-planning financials. Regardless of how, organizations will need to plan quickly but carefully, evaluate multiple scenarios, forecast impact and make coordinated data-driven decisions. Combining the power of AI-infused integrated planning and business intelligence solutions allows organizations to see the whole picture. This powerful combination lets organizations maximize their data’s value and enables real-time responsiveness. Attend this session to discover how you can be more resilient with faster insights and more accurate plans and forecasts.
11/18/20, 16:30 CET

Rikke Jacobsen
Chief Executive Officer & Partner at CogniTech A/S, CogniTech A/S

How intelligent analytics helped Nukissiorfiit go greener and leaner
Nukissiorfiit, a government-owned utility company, supplies Greenland with clean water, electricity and heat without using fossil fuels. To meet its 100% fossil-free goal, Nukissiorfiit needed to become more responsive to customer needs with more accurate and robust financial forecasting. In this session Rikke Jacobsen, the CEO and Partner at CogniTech, shares how Nukissiorfiit moved beyond their rigid, traditional budgeting process to a more dynamic rolling forecast solution, where forecasts are generated in hours instead of months. Join us to hear how Nukissiorfiit streamlined its planning and forecasting process, improved business visibility, reliability and agility using machine learning, IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos.
11/18/20, 17:00 CET

Chris McPherson
Offering Management Leader, IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM

Roadmap: How IBM is bringing business intelligence to the next level
Now more than ever it is essential to understand what’s driving your business and to have complete visibility into the factors that could impact your operations and business continuity. Today’s AI-infused Cognos Analytics helps you get to the answers you need quickly and with confidence. Attend this session to hear about the latest innovations in Cognos Analytics. We’ll cover what’s new since we connected in the spring of this year and what is coming next in 2021.
11/18/20, 17:30 CET

Mike McGeein
Program Director, Offering Manager, IBM Planning Analytics, IBM

Roadmap: How IBM will revolutionize planning & forecasting in 2021
The pressure from a constantly changing environment and competitors looking to expand their reach has never been greater. That’s why businesses big and small rely on IBM Planning Analytics to keep their organizations functioning smoothly—and to manage the mounting pressure in today’s marketplace. Attend this session to hear about the latest capabilities and what’s coming next. Join us to learn how you can leverage the latest innovations from Planning Analytics to simplify your planning process and drive informed decisions across your organization.
11/18/20, 18:00 CET

Bill Primerano, Data Science & Business Analytics Technical Sales Leader, IBM Planning Analytics, IBM

Continuous intelligent planning for supply chain
Continuous intelligent planning is the key to implementing a proactive approach to supply chain planning that can help your business stay agile and build operational resilience for the future. IBM’s approach uses innovative technologies like automation, AI and analytics to unlock greater flexibility and workflow agility. These two aspects are particularly vital for supply chain, where visibility, tracking and the ability to quickly act on insights can mean the difference between successful delivery and catastrophic disruption. Attend this session to learn more about the continuous intelligent planning, where we will showcase IBM Planning Analytics. Learn how this cutting-edge solution integrates your business planning processes with real-time continuous planning.
11/18/20, 18:30 CET

Arthur Sitaramayya
Program Director - Enterprise Performance Management, Finance and Operations, IBM

Sandeep Dessai
Lead Offering Manager, Enterprise Performance Management, Finance and Operations, IBM

Use case: how IBM aggregates over 3,000 different reports across the company
IBM’s team of analytics experts created an in-house business management solution using products from across the IBM analytics portfolio. Discover how this solution creates a single, trusted source of enterprise data and enables the standardization of KPIs across the company, aggregating over 300 applications and 3,000 different types of reports. This combined solution reduces time spent on data preparation, allowing team members to focus on the work that matters: analysis and optimization. Plus, the entire solution runs on the IBM Public Cloud which means it’s easily scalable and delivers real-time data updates. Join this session to hear from the team that created the solution, learn how it is used to manage IBM’s business, and the impressive results.
11/18/20, 19:00 CET

Rachel Su
Senior Offering Manager, IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM

Yasmine Taha
User Experience Designer, IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM

Dos and Don’ts of dashboard design
Telling stories with data is an essential skill for business professionals. It combines analytics, communication, and design skills with an understanding of human perceptual and cognitive abilities. Good data visualization and information design can reduce cognitive load, improve comprehension, and facilitate the ability to generate actionable insights from data. In this presentation we will explore data visualization principles and best practices for creating more effective charts, dashboards, presentations, and reports. Though it’s unlikely you’ll become an overnight expert in this complex field that is equal parts art and science, this session will give you a framework to help improve your next visualization project.
11/18/20, 19:30 CET
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