TM1 Rest API as a specific user

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TM1 Rest API as a specific user

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I am trying use TM1 Rest API in order to allow users to extract some data/metadata stored in a TM1 model (Cubes, dimensions) and display that data into a web interface.

We have SecurityMode=1 with LDAP, and I would like to have a delegated User ID that has all the required access to the TM1 Cubes and DImensions in order to retrieve the data.

Is there a way to store the login information in a config.ini file (similar to what is used for TM1Py) so that all users who execute a TM1 Rest API call use the login stored in that file?

Thank you
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Re: TM1 Rest API as a specific user

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Yes of course it's possible you just need to develop it.

But what you are proposing sounds like a direct contravention of licensing requirements as this would in effect be a live query of TM1 using a fixed account rather than a personal account.
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Re: TM1 Rest API as a specific user

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What client/application will be calling TM1 REST API? If it is a web page, you can create a small login form and then pass the credentials in Authorization REST API request header. You can go further and implement some way of storing the credentials (encrypted cookies, browser local storage, external database, etc.). It really depends on your objectives
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